SEPTEMBER 23 - 9:00 PM
OH, GLORY TO GOD! What a day! I just got through talking to Lindell Cooley!

It was an amazing conversation. Lindell was Lindell—he sounded exactly like himself and was absolutely in rare form. He was praising God, telling me all about how the Lord intervened and raised him up. He believes great things are just ahead and is so excited about his future. Lindell has a new lease on life. I haven't heard him this excited and full of faith and expectancy in a very long time.

While I was talking to him, he said, "You'll have to pardon me if I'm smackin'. I'm eatin' watermelon, and it sure is good." Amber spoke up and said, "He doesn't like hospital food, so I go to Fresh Market and get whatever he wants and bring it back to him. He's thoroughly enjoying it and eating anything he wants." I wanted to say, "You know expectancy and watermelon go hand in hand," but I didn't. Haha!

Lindell will recuperate for a while at the hospital and eventually transition to a rehab center nearby. I told Lindell that I would personally come up there and bring him back to CHP for a special "Lindell Cooley Day" so we can love on him and rejoice with him, Amber, and his family.

There is one thing that I would like to say as I close out this update. Please remember this: EVERYTHING CAN TURN ON A DIME! Be encouraged; the same God that intervened for Lindell is the same God that will bring you out of the miry clay and set your feet to dancing.

I believe we can all take a deep breath, so this will be my last update. Lindell Cooley is back from the jaws of death and is alive to tell about it!

Pastor John Kilpatrick ... signing off.

Today, I received the following update from Larry Day:

"There were no major events overnight. Lindell is definitely close to being himself again and, in fact, will be transferred out of the ICU today! All labs continue to improve, and his oxygen requirements have markedly decreased as well. He is, as would be expected, uncomfortable. As the focus is shifting to intensive physical and occupational therapy, the discomfort from pain and muscles left unused for days will certainly be a challenge. Because of this, his team believes it would be prudent to limit visitors as Lindell regains strength and works toward his goals. The next few weeks will be hard, exhausting, frustrating at times, and a rollercoaster of emotions, I am sure. But the trajectory continues to be better than anybody would have anticipated, particularly after last Monday's setback, and we can be most grateful for this. Thank you all for your prayers, and thank God for His providence."

Wow! It hasn't even been a week, and Lindell is already leaving intensive care! I am so relieved to hear about this, and I am sure you are as well! Even though he is transitioning out of ICU, he will still be in the hospital for vascular and respiratory rehabilitation.

I want to remind everyone that this does not signal that Lindell has fully recovered. It means he has recovered enough to leave ICU. Please do not stop praying for Lindell. He has a long and winding road ahead as he progresses daily. When you think of Lindell in the coming days, as we all will, be reminded that he needs our prayers just as much as a week ago. Lindell has not been this way before. It will require him to be disciplined, patient, and committed, and it will require us to undergird him with our prayers throughout this process. It has been the prayers of the saints that have brought Lindell out of ICU, and it will be prayer that will strengthen him daily as he enters rehabilitation.

Due to the positive trajectory of his recovery, I will no longer send updates daily. However, do not be concerned—should there be any change in his condition, I will immediately post an update to let you know.

Thank you for all your responses, shares, and comments. They have been a tremendous encouragement to Amber, other family members, the congregation of Grace Church Nashville, and everyone involved.

God's best blessings rest upon you this day,
Pastor John Kilpatrick

The following is the latest update from Dr. Fabien Maldonado and Larry Day, Lindell's assistant:

"Lindell continues to improve. I saw him this morning, and he was sitting in the chair, which is great progress. With improvements in cognition also comes the realization that with one very difficult phase successfully completed comes a much longer, and in many ways as difficult phase of slow recovery. But sitting in a chair is a major win and gets him closer to being transferred out of the ICU to a regular medical floor. I had the chance to round with his medical team this morning, and this will indeed be the focus of the next day or two: getting him ready to leave the ICU. His labs and imaging studies continue to improve, and there have been no surprises in the last 24 hours, which is great. This is progress! So far, things look overall very favorable. Praise God!"

After reading this, I know you are rejoicing over the great news from today and yesterday. I talked with Amber last night for a long time. She told me one thrilling story after another about Lindell's rapid improvement. She said Lindell was even quietly singing along with a worship song that was playing in his room.

As Larry Day has informed me, the doctors have cautioned that Lindell's recovery period is expected to be slow. According to the doctor, his surgery was extensive, unlike typical open-heart surgery. The doctors have made it clear that Lindell's heart muscle is in tremendous shape. He does not have any heart issues or blockages whatsoever. Lindell's problem was in his aorta. He had an extensive aortic dissection. According to Dr. Maldonado, Lindell's surgery was one of the most serious surgeries a human can undergo. The doctors have informed us that the recovery from this surgery will take a long time. It is a long, arduous uphill journey that can be fraught with setbacks. This is why I am reminding you that we must continue to be vigilant as we pray for Lindell.

In the last twenty-four hours, we have had a number of victories, but now, let us press in with prayer to ensure that the good news continues. Although we are aware of the seriousness of the situation, I know that we are all in agreement—100 percent agreement—that his recovery will be speedy and will far exceed the expectations of a typical recovery time. We are also believing for a complete and total recovery with no lasting complications.

We love all of you. We know you have been following Lindell's recovery closely and are praying for him. Thank you! We also know that you love Lindell, Amber, and their boys. Please do not forget to pray for Amber. Today is her birthday. God bless her; she has been through so much. I know she is weary in her body and tired in her mind from everything she has encountered since this past weekend.

In closing, let me say God bless you, Amber, and Happy Birthday! We love you and will continue to pray.

September 21 - 9:00 AM
I have some wonderful news to report! In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Lindell woke up asking a nurse where he was and what had happened!

This is what we received from Dr. Maldonado: "Lindell looks amazing this morning. Thank God for our anesthesia/critical care colleagues. The attendant that took over last night saw how responsive Lindell was and put him on minimal ventilator settings to see how he would do without help. He did amazingly well for over thirty minutes, so they pulled the breathing tube out. He looked so much better than after the extubation on Monday. His night was relatively uneventful, and he is doing great this morning. They're even going to get him up in a chair. He is awake, though obviously tired and uncomfortable, but has the most beautiful and heart-melting smile. Praise the Lord. This is an amazing and unexpected change in trajectory. As Lindell told me this morning when a Hillsong song came on, 'Nothing compares to the beautiful Name of Jesus.'"

Can you say PRAISE THE LORD!! I felt like the weight of the world has lifted off me. What was so striking to me was that they had gospel music playing in his room, and they were singing about how wonderful the Name of Jesus is. While listening, Lindell smiled a big smile and said, "Nothing compares to the beautiful name of Jesus." When I heard that, I knew Lindell was back!

Oh my, thank you so much for standing shoulder to shoulder as a mighty army of prayer warriors and intercessors. From all indications, we received a glorious breakthrough! Today's update shows that his cognitive skills have not diminished. He knew his wife and children, and he was smiling.

September 17, 2022, was indeed a dreadful day, but after three days, in the wee hours of the morning, a glorious day dawned on September 21, 2022. Always remember that if there is a day of breakdown, hold fast and keep the faith; a day of breakthrough is surely coming. This reminds me of the Scripture that says God's mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23). It doesn't matter what happened yesterday; what matters is that God's mercies are always new, and they are new daily. Today, we saw this Scripture come to pass. September 21, 2022, will be a great day to remember.

This praise report is not a signal for us to let up on our prayers, but just the opposite; it is a signal for us to double down. This battle will be won in stages. We have had a glorious and wonderful victory, but other victories are yet to be won. I am confident that you will remain with us in the trenches until we see this thing through. God's richest blessings rest upon each of you this day! We appreciate and love each of you.

Sincerely, Pastor John Kilpatrick

September 20
Please continue to pray for Lindell. I know he is on your mind, just as he is on mine. He has continually been on my heart all day, every day, and will be until he fully recovers. He is more than just a spiritual son; he feels like my own son. It is a must that he fully recovers. We need his voice, his gift, and him, especially in the days ahead as the coming of our Lord draws near. No one can bring glory into worship like Lindell Cooley. We are determined to continue praying until he recovers 100 percent—nothing missing or broken.

This past Sunday, Dr. Fabien Maldonado gave information at Grace Church Nashville regarding Lindell's condition. You can view it here.

The following is a post from Larry Day on information he received today from Dr. Maldonado. I thought I would duplicate it to share.

"Lindell had a mild setback last night but has now stabilized. He was extubated yesterday morning and was doing well in the afternoon. Around 8:30 PM, he had a fairly sudden onset of agitation with a drop in oxygen saturation which required much higher levels of supplemental oxygen. The decision was made to take him for a head CT. The head CT was the same as the original CT performed Saturday morning—so nothing negative occurred in the brain. Today he is stable, intubated, and mechanically ventilated (breathing machine), but the settings are minimal, i.e., the machine is not providing a whole lot of support, so Lindell's lungs seem to be just fine. Other major organ functions are good. They will keep him intubated until his mental status clears enough for him to do well off the ventilator, which could be as early as tomorrow if his trajectory continues to be favorable."

September 19 - 3:00 PM
This is the latest update I just received regarding Lindell. He has been taken off of sedation; he is extubated and pleasantly confused. He looks really good. His vitals are good, and it will probably take a couple of days before he comes around to full comprehension. He was moaning … ”oh my God,” ... over and over. Not a pretty picture—but so thankful that he is alive. God is good.

September 18  - 8:30 PM
I talked with Amber after this morning's service. It did her a lot of good to see Church of His Presence take such a burden to pray for Lindell. She told me it lifted her spirit when we, as a congregation, turned to face the camera to pray.

As of 6:30 PM, the doctors have decided to keep Lindell sedated until tomorrow, allowing him to rest. Considering the extent of Lindell's major surgery, the doctors seem to be pleased with the progress. As I continue to receive updates, I will let you know.

Yesterday and last night were so intense. As we prayed this morning at Church of His Presence, I felt the intensity begin to lift. For me, today feels like a sabbath, a day of rest.  

I want to thank everyone for praying, especially all the pastors and leaders that called their churches to pray on Lindell's behalf in their services around the nations of the earth. We may never know what a profound difference those prayers made.

I found something extremely strange; twenty-five years ago, on September 17, 1997, I fell twenty-six feet and broke my body up. I'm sure many of you remember how close I came to death. The irony is that Lindell also came to death's door on the 25th anniversary of the day I fell and almost died. When I saw that connection last night, I sat straight up in bed. To me, it was shocking to see that connection.  

After I fell, it was touch and go for a number of days. I was hospitalized for a period of time and had a protracted recovery period, even a brief stay in a nursing home. All of this happened during the height of the powerful Brownsville Revival that was touching the world, and I could not be at the revival meetings.

Just as I couldn't understand the purpose of my accident, I also don't understand why this has happened to Lindell. One thing I do know is that I survived and fully recovered, and I believe Lindell will also survive and recover. What seems so ominous and what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn it for good.

I remember the great value of the prayers of the saints as they interceded on my behalf 25 years ago, and I know Lindell and Amber also value your continued prayers as they face their crises.

September 18  - 9:15 AM
I just received this text update from someone who is with Amber Cooley regarding Lindell’s condition: "I’m sitting with Amber, and we just got a report from the OR. No leakage or bleeding; looks great, they’re cleaning things out, and he should be back in a couple of hours. The doctor said it is not uncommon to go back to OR once or twice. Lindell was answering commands before going to the OR (moving feet, squeezing hands, etc.), so things continue to look as good as they could, given the circumstances."

September 18  - 7:00 AM
The doctors think Lindell is bleeding internally due to drainage issues. The surgeon was called in, and Lindell was taken back into the operating room at 7:00 AM. They estimate the surgery to last two hours.

The doctor cautioned us that the next 48 hours would be critical. I am sure you can tell by this update that this situation is very critical. I am calling on the prayer community and all intercessors everywhere to pray and get ahold of God. I am also asking pastors and congregations across the nations to call for special prayer this morning. This is a serious battle for Lindell’s very life. Please pray!

September 17  - 11:00 PM
The surgeon just left and gave a detailed report. He feels it went as well as it could. We are praying for the following: no bleeding, blood to flow throughout the body, proper draining, kidney and liver working properly, lungs healed, and no stroke. The next 48 hours are critical.

September 17 - 10:20 PM
I know it has been a long day, and I thank you for your patience. This is the latest information that I have received on Lindell’s condition. His surgery has been completed; however, Lindell is still in the operating room. Right now, the doctors are waiting to see if the drains they put in place are draining properly.  If so, he will be moved to ICU, where he will begin recovery, which would be a good sign for everyone.  The doctor said the procedure went well and a little faster than normal.

I sincerely thank you for your prayers. As I get subsequent updates, I will be passing them along to you because I know you want to know.

September 17 - 3:40 PM
Our dear friend and my spiritual son, Lindell Cooley, suffered a serious aortic dissection this morning and was med-flighted to a hospital in Nashville. He is presently undergoing emergency open-heart surgery. This surgery is very serious, and we need serious intercession on his behalf.

Also, I remind you to pray for Amber, his sons, and Grace Church, for I know that they feel the burden of what Lindell is going through today.  
We all love him dearly and are believing that God has many more wonderful things for Lindell to accomplish.

We will not have any updates on his condition until later this evening or tonight since it is such a lengthy surgery. I will send updates as soon as I receive them because I know everyone will be anxiously awaiting any news regarding his condition.  
I so appreciate you hearing my heart on this matter, and thank you for your prayers for Lindell’s quick and complete recovery.